At Balham Park Surgery we offer all the methods of contraception that are available on the NHS.

Please make an appointment with one of the Practice Nurses if:

  • You would like to start the ORAL CONTRACEPTION PILL or request a repeat prescription for the pill. We will ask to see you on an regular basis for a pill review.
  • You would like to start or continue on the CONTRACEPTIVE INJECTION – Depo Provera
  • You would like to be fitted with the DIAPHRAGM – Please make an appointment with Sara Moloney – Lead Practice Nurse
  • You require the EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTIVE PILL ‘Morning After Pill’ – please contact a Practice Nurse, on 020 8772 8772, as soon as possible; as this can be done via a telephone consultation
  • You are considering being fitted for a copper IUD or IUS – Mirena (COILS). Please look at the podcast below. If it is something you would like to consider, please call Reception and ask to book a pre-coil telephone consultation to discuss this option further.

Dr Marietta Swanne and Dr Jennifer Paris have allocated appointments to fit both types of coil. At your appointment you will be asked to make a 6 week post fitting ‘coil check’ with one of the Practice Nurses. If you wish for your coil to be removed, make an appointment with the Nurses.

N.B Please note that unless your intention is to get pregnant after the removal of the coil, you must not have had any unprotected sexual intercourse for 7 days prior to the removal of your coil.

  • If you are considering the CONTRACEPTIVE IMPLANT – Nexplanon, please contact Kate Taylor (Practice Nurse) to discuss this option or you would like to book an appointment for a fitting or removal of the implant.

For further information please look at the NHS Choices website  Contraception Choices  Or the  Family Planning Association  website.