Vaccination Information

For advice on travel vaccinations / medications needed, please look at: NaTHNaC – Country List ( or Fit for Travel

To find out what Vaccinations you have had as an adult, please use the NHS app to look at your medical record. For children, our admin team will be able to give you a print out of the vaccination history.

We have regular slots for Travel for Adults and Children. Please book appointments well in advance as we have limited capacity due to persisting difficulties in finding staff.

If you need vaccinations sooner, please contact one of the 3 nearest pharmacies that provide a Travel Service. They are:

Northcote Pharmacy – 130 Northcote Road, London SW11 6QZ – 020 7924 5600

Pearl Chemist – 136-138 Mitcham Road, London SW17 9NH

Westbury Chemist

Travel Advice and Travel Vaccination (including yellow fever)

Holidays need careful planning and, depending on the type of holiday, length of stay and the destination, most will need some sort of vaccination programme or an update of routine immunisations as necessary.

Gap years and sabbaticals usually require more detailed immunisation programmes.

We would recommend you consult a practice nurse at least 6 weeks before your trip.

The surgery is an authorised yellow fever centre and provides a full range of travel requirements. Any charges that apply for immunisations compare favourably with other private travel clinics.