Other Test Results

Patients should wait for the Doctor to contact them via text or phone call within 7-10 working days from when the patient had the test done.  X-rays and ultrasound results can take a day or two longer.

We kindly ask you to refrain from calling the Practice for your test results as only the Doctor will be responding to your results and Reception will not be provided with any further information for you.

Blood testsX-rays and ultrasound scans are usually performed at St John’s Therapy Centre or St George’s Hospital. The results are processed at these locations then sent back electronically to Balham Park Surgery where they are assigned to the relevant doctor for review.

Please note that tests arranged by the hospital team are not automatically sent to us therefore patients need to contact the team that organised the test for the result and any follow up.

Please use the NHS app to see your results. These will be visible once the result has been reviewed by the Physiotherapist or GP who requested the test.

If you do need to speak to us about your results, please call between 10.30am and 4pm on 020 8772 8772 – option 3