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Patient Access is provided by our clinical system supplier. It allows our patients to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and send doctors secure messages. These messages will be responded to within 48 hours and you must actively log on to view this. You need to register in person at the practice for this service. Please bring a form of photo ID to register.  If you request a prescription and it is rejected please contact us.


Do you have any compliments, suggestions or complaints about the practice?  We value your feedback.

Award winning general practice needs a friendly, reliable administrator to join their strong and efficient team. The candidate must have excellent communication and customer service skills and be able to communicate with staff of different professional levels, and will preferably have previous experience in primary or secondary care. Good IT skills are essential.  

Please send all covering letters and CVs to FAO Annie Romero-Collins.

Helpful Videos

We would like to make this website as useful and personable as possible.

We believe that podcasts - (short pieces of video footage) recorded by staff working here will add another useful dimension for getting information across to our patients.

We would like to get a podcast produced by each professional group working here. If you have ideas or suggestions for further podcasts email us via the "Tell Us What You Think" link. We could then see if these would be appropriate and workable.

Coming soon
  • Childhood Immunisations
  • Self Limiting Illnesses
  • Access to GP Services
  • Non NHS Services

  • Introduction to Physiotherapy

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    Physiotherapy is a key service for those with physical impairments resulting from injury or disease.
    Physiotherapy aims to help patients regain their full physical abilities or make best use of impaired function. A physiotherapist uses their skills to assess and treat conditions through the application of specialist techniques.
    In some cases they advise patients how to self manage their condition / symptoms using home programmes and health education / information.

    A physiotherapy service is provided at Balham Park by a physiotherapist from St George’s Hospital on a Tuesday and Thursday. If you feel you may benefit from physiotherapy please make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with your GP. They can then advise you on how to access the service.
    You will either be seen at the surgery or at St George’s Hospital. However, some services such as women’s health, paediatric physiotherapy and neurological physiotherapy are based at St George’s Hospital. Should you require these services or there is a significant waiting list at the surgery you will be seen at St George’s Hospital.
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  • Men's Health by Dr Adam Onyett

    (3 votes)
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  • Nurse Clinics by Nurse Sally Arden

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  • Online Access by Paa Siaw

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  • Physiotherapy for Back Pain

    (3 votes)
    Low back pain is a common musculoskeletal problem that affects a large proportion of the population at some point in their life. 
    In the vast majority of cases it is not due to anything serious and it will settle down itself overtime. 
    The following podcast provides you with some information regarding low back pain and some helpful hints and exercises.

    Please note this podcast is not intended to replace a healthcare consultation. Should your symptoms persists or worsen please consult your GP. 
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  • The Contraceptive Coil by Dr Marietta Swanne

    (12 votes)
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