Taking Sick Leave

Employees only need a fit note from a doctor after 7 days off work sick. If you are ill just before or during your holiday, you can take it as sick leave instead.


Fit notes and proof of sickness

Employees must give their employer a doctor’s ‘fit note’ (previously called a ‘sick note’) if they’re off sick for more than 7 days in a row (including non-working days). Hospital doctors or GPs provide them. We charge a fee of £30 if a fit note is asked for before the 7th day.

The fit note will say the employee is either ‘not fit for work’ or ‘may be fit for work’.

If it says the employee ‘may be fit for work’, employers should discuss any changes that might help the employee return to work (e.g. different hours or tasks). The employee must be treated as ‘not fit for work’ if there is no agreement on these changes.

Employers can take a copy of the fit note, the employee should keep the original.


Employers can also ask employees to fill in a form when they return to work to confirm they have been off sick for up to 7 days. This is called ‘self-certification’. Employers usually provide their own version of this form. Please clink the link to electronically complete and print the  Self Certification Form

For further information on taking sick leave please click the following link  Taking Sick Leave

Need a fit note?

If you have been off for 7 days and need a fit note please contact the practice. You can do this with a message if you have EMIS ACCESS or email [email protected] (please note neither of these options are for urgent requests) or speak to reception. Information you may need to provide is: the last day you worked, the reason you need a fit note and your anticipated return date to work. If we have any problems fulfilling your request, the surgery will contact you. Please do not book a GP appointment for a fit note, if we need to see you in person we will contact you.