What We Do Now

From the beginning, we have held monthly meetings which are open to any patient to attend although there has always been a nucleus group of “committee members” who attend regularly and carry out the administrative duties involved in running the group.

These meetings are also attended by a Clinician, the Managing Partner and staff members, demonstrating it is truly is a liaison group.

We have Strategic Objectives which underpin our annual action plans. These are currently being reviewed by the committee with a view to revising them following a workshop in March this year. These were addressed at the November 2010 meeting. The 2011 AGM took place on 11th May.

We hold an Annual Open Meeting at which we report on the previous year’s activities, seek patient views on revised objectives and ideas for the coming year and usually invite a guest speaker alongside clinical representatives from the surgery. These have included amongst others our local MPs, both Sadiq Khan and his predecessor Tom Cox, Melba Wilson, a former Chair of Wandsworth Primary Care Trust and James Cousins, a former Chair of Wandsworth Overview and Scrutiny Committee who in 2005 presented the Royal College of General Practitioners Quality Award to the Practice. Our most recent Annual Meeting occurred in May 2010.

In recent years, we have taken an active part in a variety of NHS consultations that were held both local to Wandsworth as well as national and pan London. Examples include The pre consultation Let’s talk Health in South Wandsworth, the Battersea and North Wandsworth consultation,The Removal of Services from Bolingbroke Hospital, the full South Wandsworth consultation, and Healthcare for London (the Darzi Report Consulting the Capital). In all cases we arranged for representatives from the PCT or St George’s Hospital to make their cases to us at meetings at the surgery.

We have held two to three educational talks a year usually given by Practice Clinicians or Nurses on a wide range of health topics suggested by patients at the Annual Meetings ranging from, for example, complementary therapies to Breast Cancer, Men’s Health to Sensory Deprivation.

We have published 2/3 newsletters per annum covering matters local to the surgery as well as providing coverage of NHS and PCT issues pertinent to us as patients. The content, editing and distribution is undertaken entirely by members of the group.