GPs Behind Closed Doors Filming at Balham Park Surgery

Balham Park Surgery is happy to announce that they have been chosen as the site for the third series of GPs: Behind Closed Doors.  Filming will commence at the surgery from 1st June 2015 until February 2016.

Two previous series have been shown on Channel 5 in the past year, filmed at GP surgeries in Lewisham and Putney.  Patients and staff at these surgeries were very positive about the programme.  It was also well received by the public.  At Balham Park, we feel that the programmes were both interesting and informative, offering viewers an understanding of the day to day workings of GP practices. It highlighted the positive work that is done in primary care, and the pressures it faces.  As a practice we felt it was something to which we would like to add our contribution.

Our involvement in the programme is not going to detract from available appointments, or GP and Nursing time for patient care.  The practice staff will still be working as normal, and your care will not be affected if you prefer not to participate.  The staff are not being paid to take part in the making of the programme.

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We would like to reassure our patients that only those who wish to be filmed will be.  No one will be filmed without their consent being gained, anywhere in the surgery.  There will be a ‘camera- free’ area in the waiting room.  There is definitely no pressure to be in the programme.  Everyone involved in the recording and production of the film, whether it is aired or not, is bound by confidentiality agreements, preventing discussion about patients outside the surgery.   

If you have questions about the process please feel free to discuss further with the production company. They will be available in the waiting room every day, or you can contact Miriam Ryan on 07534 311123.

To view the notice of filming document from Channel 5 please click on the link below: 

Notice of Filming

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1 May 2015